Members Only #157 - The Sex Pope Washes Your FeetListen now (102 min) | We’re still not sure if it was Peru or Chile or Gabon, but regardless…Kmele is back from his equatorial conference…but…is even really needed?? Why, yes, he is! Because in this totally sober, totally discursive Members Only pod, the lads touch on the most…
Also: Catch Kmele debating race Monday night in NYC, if you can!
#398 w/Allison Schrager - "The Horrible, No Good Economy: A Primer” Listen now (106 min) | We do it for you, people. We don’t necessarily want to, but we do. Because you need it. In times of national crisis, the Fifth…
Members Only #156 - Second Sunday Live! (Rebroadcast)Listen now (125 min) | Kmele at a Konference? Yup! Moynihan spills a wee bit of tea about an old job 😬 The New Trump U Commie spies The DeSantis…
Hey many, it's not even 12:59 yet!
Also: Watch out for that Manganese!
#397 - Just Some Bros Mainsplaining Manganese Listen now (88 min) | It’s just like old times! Because the boys are back in town, recording together in an actual studio, andpregaming with…
Members Only #155 - Passports, Divorces, & Puerto Ricans Listen now (90 min) | Puerto Rican passports Nothing works in New York Jimmy the Deregulator Fistfight Airlines Kmele and Andrew Schultz at Brown So…
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