Members Only #151 w/ Ethan Strauss - DEI Man and the Foreskin CeilingListen now (115 min) | Armie of the damned Jamie Kirchick’s piece on Armie Hammer The Robin DiAngelo of Sports Ethan’s piece on “DEI man” Richard Lapchick The question that ended Ethan’s interview with Lapchick The NBA’s Foreskin Ceiling “In this day and age…” Maverick Carter…
Also: Len Downie is not our friend.
#393 "Black Stalin, Objectivity Is Racist, & Tax Robots Are Super Racist Too"Listen now (112 min) | The George Wallace travel app The genius and utter stupidity of WEB Dubois That disgraceful Dubois obit for Stalin A copy of the…
Members Only #150 - Memphis Madness, Ubiquitous White Supremacy, and Rope-A-Dope with Mr. Burns Listen now (132 min) | A famous Texas hat Kmele’s Twitter beef with a former guest The tragedy in Memphis, the predictable response Ubiquitous white…
Also: Kmele to emcee FIRE gala.
#392 "Tanks for Victory, Oscars So Boring, and Ben Dreyfuss Is Here to Offend You"Listen now (124 min) | A sober first segment about war and death is interrupted by our chaotic and fatphobic friend Ben Dreyfuss, who joins the Fifth to…
Members Only #149 - Georgia on Our MindsListen now (125 min) | Santos: Hotter as a lady? Hunter is a shitty person who makes shitty art Kmele shuts down a Netflix indoctrination session…
Also: Facebook Files, DEI pushback, and justice for the Croz
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