May 18 • 1HR 55M

#407 - The Cruelty, the Conspiracist, and the Report (w/ Eli Lake)

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Your weekly rhetorical assault on the on the news cycle, the people who make it, and occasionally ourselves. Kmele Foster (Freethink), Michael Moynihan (Vice), and Matt Welch (Reason) talk and laugh and drink their way to at least quasi-sanity in a world gone mad, often with the aid of clean and articulate guests. Weekly Members Only subscription edition often comes with listener mail and professional-quality (if inappropriate) singing. Analysis. Commentary. Sedition.
Episode details
  • “Zero-to-insane in the first three minutes”

  • The terrible 2024 election

  • The right’s bizarre infatuation with RFK Jr.

  • The immigration crisis in NYC

  • The cruelty isn’t always the point

  • How the average American thinks about illegal immigration

  • Eli Lake joins to wish us all a Happy Durham Week

  • Takeaways from the Durham Report

  • The “heroes of democracy” are, in fact, the villains of democracy

  • David Frum’s Atlantic piece

  • Eli on Robert Kennedy Sr., the cop

  • Diane Feinstein, John Fetterman, Joe Biden

  • That insane LA Times piece (that we will talk about more later)