I always read the bullet points. Omitting bullet points is a form of genocide. #NeverForget

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Nov 23, 2023Liked by Matt Welch

Say what you will about Hitler, but he did kill Hitler.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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TFC: It’s a holiday y’all so we’re gonna skip the bullet points.

Also TFC: Just puts the fucking bullet points in paragraph form.

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I'm reading Lee Kuan Yew's memoir of nation building in Singapore (which is excellent and I'm pretty sure ended up in my book pile after a Fifth recommendation so I'd like to give thanks for that) and within the first few pages came upon this paragraph which made me chuckle:

[he's talking about Israeli military advisers who were brought in to form & train the new country's army - after India and Egypt didn't even acknowledge Singapore's request]:

"I told Keng Swee to proceed with the Israelis, but to keep it from becoming public knowledge for as long as possible so as not to provoke glassroots antipathy from Malay Muslims in Malaysia and Singapore. A small group of Israelis led by colonel Jak Ellazari arrived in November in 1965, followed by a team of six in December. To disguise their presence we called them "Mexicans". They looked swarthy enough."

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Here I was thinking “how could this glorious genocide day get any better”, and then more glorious Fif’ content pops into my feed. You lads are really driving a trail of cheers today! This is basically gift of blankets infected with y’all-pox. The lads are gathering together on this glorious day like it’s the massacre of Wounded Three. I hope you’re all getting hammered like it’s General Custard’s last call.

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Happy Thanksgiving, lads. This is the highlight of my day. Yes, really.

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It’s a thanksgiving miracle.

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The boys completely dropped the ball in missing the obvious pertinent reference in the discussion of Trump's failure to meet the standards of the historical fascists:

"I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos."

I can't disagree with McCaskill's assessment that Trump lacks any ethos. Whether that makes him worse than Hitler, however, doesn’t seem like something MSNBC should be expending resources exploring.

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Thankful for you lads!

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Nov 24, 2023Liked by Matt Welch

Matt, your awe at the tunnels makes me think you’d get a kick out of Colin Furze, a British YouTuber who has built an elaborate bunker under his yard and is now building tunnels from the bunker to his house and workshop: https://youtube.com/@colinfurze?si=JPSlKx8QiWBtdLyU

He has built all sorts of other wacky stuff, too (jet powered kettle, hover bike, remote controlled garbage bin), but the tunnel projects have taken over his page.

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Amazing that another fifth episode came out before the food was ready 🥲

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I thought that BBC article was going to be the worst bit of media from last week, but then this happened - https://twitter.com/EylonALevy/status/1727647670716518677

I think we have a responsibility to shut Britain down.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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This is so crazy when Palestine is the world’s largest recipient of aid from International Organizations and countries including the US. the Palestinian people are among the poorest in the world but Hamas is worth Billions

https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2023/11/20/inside-hamass-sprawling-financial-empireInside Hamas’s sprawling financial empire from TheEconomist

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Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Guys, I hear you read emails on the podcast but I could not find out how to send my comment via email so I am trying this approach.

I know it seems like everyone is talking about the Israel vs Palestine. I am really trying to understand it myself. I think Colman Hughes has done a good job on his podcasts and I am half way through the Benny morris book. The fact that both sides have an issue with morris kind of tells me you need to pay attention to what he is writing if you want to understand..

My questions is this and I would like your input- on 10/7, 31 Americans were murdered. Why do I not hear anything from the media and most importantly from Washington?

I am kind of channeling this episode from the untouchables.


I have my thoughts on why but since I hear nothing being discussed about it, I need some other input

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George Floyd was killed by compression asphyxia.

If you put someone prone (on their stomach) and press down on their back (either hard enough or on someone who is weak or otherwise fucked up), then they can fail to draw in enough oxygen to meet their body’s needs, and eventually they die. The victim can exhale (and therefore can talk) as they’re dying.

Search for the video of Tony Timpa being killed to see a clear example of it (and see how the medic at the end reacts).

It’s not the fentanyl he had, it’s nothing to do with the neck. It’s a simple way to accidentally kill someone when restraining them. And it’s totally the police’s fault because they had no reason to pin him down at all, let alone for that long, and they totally should know that this can happen. (The trainee even asks Chauvin something like “do you think he might have that excited delirium thing going on”. The “excited delirium” thing is a muddle of a term that refers to “dude died in custody”).

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Regarding Cher straddling a destroyer.

The Cher video where she is "straddling a destroyer" was 'If I Could Turn Back Time', not 'Do You Believe in Love'. There's something I learned about that music video from the late, great VH1 series, Pop Up Video, that is still seared into my brain 25+ years later...

Not only is Cher's son, Elijah Allman, in the music video, but she grinds up on him, in her thong! AND HES ONLY 12 YEARS OLD IN THE VIDEO!!! Plus, the video was considered so risque at the time that airing it was banned on MTV until after 9pm and they even had to reshoot the video so a more acceptable version could be aired. I actually searched around to see if there was any mention of the Cher and Son aspect of the video and it seems to have been memory holed. Only verified by watching the original video. Wild, wild stuff.

I wish I was kidding but he's two SFW screenshots from the video:



Looks tamer in the screenshots than live. Plus her thong ass is facing him for much of the video when she's dancing about.

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